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Your Business Valuation and Asset Appraisal Experts
Your Business Valuation and Asset Appraisal Experts
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About Asset Appraisals

NBA uses personal expertise, extensive knowledge and certified education to provide USPAP compliant asset appraisals

Asset Appraisals - purposes and uses

We offer Asset Appraisal Services For Virtually all of the Tangible Assets Held by a Business or Corporation

appraisals-purposes and uses

Asset Appraisal is a method of assessing the value of a company's real property, equipment, furniture, furnishings, machinery, vehicles/trucks or other assets used in the company's operations. An asset appraisal is commonly performed for a number of reasons (see uses below). Asset appraisals may consist of both subjective and objective measurements. Asset appraisals may be needed as part of valuing a company. The underlying assets of a company must be stated in fair market value terms when a business valuation is performed. Common methods for determining an asset's value include comparing it to similar assets (market approach) and ajusting its cost (cost approach). Many times banks are required according to their charters, lending laws or SBA requirements to have the underlying assets of a business appraised.

Uses For Asset Appraisals

Arbitration • Bankruptcies/Foreclosures • Business Litigation and/or Settlements • Buy/Sell Agreements • Court Cases • Divorce Cases • Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP) • Estate & Trust Needs • Expert Witness Testimony • Estate Tax Purposes • Intra-Family Transfers • Insurance Reviews • Loan Collateral Analysis • Mergers • Private Sale and Negotiations

Components of Asset Appraisals

Company History and Background • Market Comparable Data (when available) • Cost & Market Approaches for Tangible Assets • Fair Market Value • Liquidation Value; both Orderly & Forced • Replacement Value

Types of Asset Appraisals

Machinery and Equipment • Furniture and Furnishings • Fixtures • Vehicles

Some Items We Don't Appraise

National Business Appraisers does not appraise Antiques, Collectibles, Coins, Jewelry or Assets that are generally considered personal in nature. In the event that such Assets require Appraisal as part of a Business Valuation we can sub-contract with specialists in these areas. We also don't appraise and their attached structures.

"I had the opportunity to work with Lance on four separate equipment appraisals at the community bank I previously worked for. His evaluations were thorough, professionally presented and provided all the pertinent information. The lender I currently work for has its own in-house appraisers but I would I would definitely recommend his services for equipment and/or company evaluations for individuals or companies that are in need of these types of reports for lending or purchasing needs."
Mark Winegar,VP
Farm Credit West

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