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Your Business Valuation and Asset Appraisal Experts
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About Asset Appraisals

Estimating the true value of an asset requires the skills of a certified analyst - NBA brings professional dedication to any size engagement

Asset Appraisals - Standards of Value

There is No Single Valuation Method That is Universally Applicable to All Appraisal Purposes

Fair Market Value

Standards of Value

While there isn't one Valuation method universally utilized for all appraisals, the Standard of Value generally used is Fair Market Value. FMV is understood to be the price that a particular property or asset would be acquired in the marketplace when prospective buyers and sellers are knowledgeable about the asset in question, are acting in their own best interests and are free of undue pressure to carry out the transaction. If these conditions exist, an asset's Fair Market Value should represent an accurate appraisal or assessment of its worth. The IRS has defined FMV in .

Liquidation Value - See Premises of Value

Why Hiring a Seasoned Professional is Key

The context in which the appraisal is to be used is a critical factor. Many asset s appraisals fail to reach a number representing the appropriate definition of value because the appraiser failed to match the valuation methods to the purpose for which it was being performed. The result of a particular appraisal can also be inappropriate if the client attempts to use the valuation conclusion for some purpose other than the intended one.* Hiring a seasoned professional is absolutely key in determining correct value of the asset in question.

*Credit: Pratt, Reilly, Schweihs, Valuing A Business – 4th edition, McGraw–Hill