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Your Business Valuation and Asset Appraisal Experts
Your Business Valuation and Asset Appraisal Experts
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Getting Started with your business plan

Our clients can trust NBA's financial expertise in the creation of a financial report, a necessity for anyone seeking a bank loan or investor capital

The Business Plan process

What To Expect When You Hire National Business Appraisers

  1. Call or email us for a free consultation
  2. Request a Bid - submit form online or download and fax
  3. Engagement Letter is signed by both parties
  4. Refer to Document Checklist for items needed
  5. Fill out Questionnaire and return online or by fax
  6. Submit requested Documents with 50% Fee agreed upon by both parties
  7. Historical Financial Data is Entered
  8. Projection Made of Future Years
  9. Results are Analyzed and Writeup Completed
  10. Draft Prepared
  11. Review Draft with Client and Edit as Needed
  12. Final Report/Plan is completed and final payment is tendered
  13. Final Report/Plan is delivered to Client in an Exit Conference or by mail