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Your Business Valuation and Asset Appraisal Experts
Your Business Valuation and Asset Appraisal Experts
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About Business Valuations

Only certified valuators are qualified to value businesses for banks, the IRS, and litigation purposes - NBA meets these qualifications

Business Valuations - Purposes and uses

We Help Our Clients Determine the Value of Their Business


The purpose of a National Business Appraisers Valuation is to determine the Value for all or a portion of a privately owned or publically held company taking into account both quantitative and qualitative tangible and intangible assets associated with the specific business or company being valued. The appropriate Standard of Value and Premise of Value for the engagement is determined in order to accurately estimate what an informed, ready, willing and able Buyer is willing to pay an informed, ready, willing and able Seller for the interest being valued, with neither party being compelled to act.

Uses For Business Valuations

Acquisition • Bankruptcy • Buy/Sell Agreements • Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP) • Estate Planning • Foreclosures • Franchise Valuations • Insurance Reviews • Mergers • Intra-Family Transfers • Litigation/Arbitration/Settlement Support • Loan Collateral Analysis • Negotiations • Private Sale • Shareholder disputes

Components of Valuations

Cash Flow Analysis • Company Background, History and Longevity • Debt Capacity • Future Economic Outlook • Future Industry Outlook • Industry Ratios • Intangible Asset Value • Market Comparables • Tangible Asset Value

Valuation Products We Offer

Our Clients receive a Business Valuation Report that is classified as Stand Alone (Unrestricted), Restricted Use, Calculation of Value and Update Report. The purpose of the Valuation and its intended use will determine which type of Valuation is created.

"Lance Schmidt is highly skilled and professional. His skills as a former CPA, and his current Valuation Analyst-CVA and Certified Business Broker-CBB, have uniquely qualified him for his profession. He provided solid valuation which met the bank standards for my lender's requirements. I found him to be very ethical and with the ability to find unique solutions for my valuation issues. It was a great pleasure to work with Mr. Schmidt and I felt sure he cared deeply for my satisfaction. I feel comfortable referring him to others in need of the same professional and ethical standards that I require in doing business with anyone."
Dennis C. Rieger,
Salton Sea Ventures Inc.

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